Every decade or so, most homes need a new paint coat. Painting your home helps protect it from the elements, keeps it looking good, and allows you to just enjoy it more. The thing is- painting a home by yourself can take a LONG time. Plus if you don’t live in a rancher, you’ll need tall ladders to reach the second or third stories. This leads many people towards hiring a professional, which brings its own challenges. They’ll need to do research into house painters, find one that’s actually affordable, set up a few interviews, etc.

Sounds like a hassle, right?

Well, it doesn’t have to be. This article will help you decide the best company for the job- period. You’ll be able to sleep better at night in your nice, freshly painted home. Oh yeah- and you wouldn’t have paid with your first-born child. To start this off, let’s look at the most common question that people ask- is a pro really necessary?

Most people consider painting to be a fairly easy task. You dip a roller or brush into the paint, and then apply it evenly to the walls. Simple, right? Well for the most part- yeah that’s all there is to it. Most people can paint their own homes if they really want to. It’s a good way for them to save a few bucks, get outside, and take pride in their own work. But there’s a different side of the coin to consider because hiring a professional has a few advantages.

Even though some professionals might do these things for you, remember that you’re primarily paying them to paint- not move stuff around and time is money! If you want to save a little, we recommend doing these things yourself- you get more “bang for the buck”.