Colour can come and go with the fashions.  This is particularly so with domestic markets in house colours, furniture, kitchen finishes etc.  The latest in-vogue shade for the last four or five years has been any hue of mid to dark blue for paintwork, especially cabinet doors in kitchens.  I know many folk who have just had kitchens updated with navy doors.  I do like the blue with pale beech wooden surrounds and carcasses, with mixed wooden worktops and probably a wood topped island.  I do like the calm clean lines of a dark blue and pale wood combo,  Strange how other colours don’t really have the same cache about them.  No one goes scatty about yellow doors and wooden frameworks, or green for that matter.  If someone chose lilac or mauve for example, they would be called unconventional and it be suggested that the colour was just a fad, yet the fixation with navy or blue kitchens has only just replaced a ten year world of grey for everything.  I can’t bear grey walls and tiles, and hate it even more if there’s a carpet as well – to me grey is the most despressing and cold colour in the palette.  Nothing about it shouts bright sunny day!.